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All clients must be qualified and referred by an approved Referring Agency using Neighbor to Neighbor’s referral forms. English | Español

Approved Referring Agencies include:

  • Greenwich Department of Human Services
  • GreenwichPublic Schools
  • Head Start preschool programs
  • State social service agencies, Housing Authorities, and WIC
  • Boys & Girls Club, Greenwich
  • Building One Community
  • Person to Person
  • Houses of worship may make referrals to our Clothing Room

(1) The Referring Agency should verify the information on the form, complete the form, and send it to Jane Naveros, Client Coordinator, at jnaveros@www.ntngreenwich.org or by fax to 203-618-0062.

(2) Please contact Neighbor to Neighbor to make the first appointment for Essentials Room. Clients do not need an appointment to visit the Food Pantry up to once per week.

(3) Clients in need of food who sign a HUD Self-Declaratory Form are not required to provide proof of income. Please fax the form to Neighbor to Neighbor along with the referral form.

Make a Referral

Approved Referring Agencies may contact Jane Naveros, Client Coordinator, at jnaveros@www.ntngreenwich.org or 203-622-9208 to refer a client or for questions regarding the Client Referral Form.

If you are interested in becoming a Referring Agency, please review the Referring Agency Policy & Agreement.

To become an approved Referring Agency, please contact K. Brent Hill, Executive Director at 203-622-9208 or bhill@www.ntngreenwich.org

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