Our Mission

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Our Mission, Vision
& Values


Neighbor to Neighbor strengthens the Greenwich community by providing access to nutritious food, clothing, and other essentials in an atmosphere of kindness and respect. 


We envision a caring community where everyone has access to nutritious food, clothing, and other essentials. 


At Neighbor to Neighbor, we are:

Welcoming – We respect the dignity of every human being and endeavor to create a positive environment for our community of clients, donors, volunteers and staff.

Responsive – We strive to deliver the highest quality services in a professional manner.

Collaborative – We recognize we can’t do it alone and value all our relationships and community partnerships.

Accountable – We serve as wise stewards of our human, material and financial resources.

Partners In Produce

Neighbor to Neighbor recognizes the importance of fresh produce in a healthy diet. We are thankful for the many local farms, gardens, and farmers markets that donate regularly to our food pantry. We strive to provide a majority of fresh produce to our households.The travel time from harvest to our households is often just a matter of hours which allows the fruit and vegetables to remain dense with nutrients.The benefits of introducing children to a diet inclusive of local, seasonal, organic produce are many. The superior taste of fresh fruit and veg can influence a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

We would like to thank all of our produce donors for sharing their harvests with our community: