Partners In Produce

Fresh Local Produce

Since 1980, the relative cost of fresh, healthy food has increased by 40%, while at the same time the relative cost of high-sugar, low nutrient food has decreased by 40%. This puts fresh produce out of the reach of many Americans. Studies have linked food insecurity to obesity, primarily resulting from the economic inability to access fresh, healthy food. Obesity in turn is a cause of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes in adults.

We recognize the importance of fresh produce in a healthy diet yet for Neighbor clients, these items can be economically out of reach.  Working with local residents, farmers and suppliers, Neighbor is making sure our shelves are stocked with a variety of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. 

Our Farmers

The Old Greenwich Farmer's Market

The market hosts a Buy One for Neighbor program weekly, encouraging shoppers to purchase and donate fresh food from their market for our clients.

Mike's Organic

Thanks to a generous donation from a Neighbor patron, Mike’s Organic delivers weekly fresh food to our pantry.

COBS Fresh Bread

COBS Fresh Bread in Stamford donates their fresh remaining bread at the end of the day twice a week to Neighbor.

DiMare Pastry Shop

Donations of extra pies and cakes gives our Neighbor families something to celebrate with on special occasions.

Greenwich Land Trust

Greenwich Youth Conservation Program -Teens participating in this six week program maintain a vegetable garden at Mueller Preserve and donate the harvest to Neighbor and local food banks.